Visit to Nexans factory in Norway

On 21 June PI of ERC project FOCUS (Marc-André Gutscher) and ERC partner Lionel Quetel (IDIL) visited the Nexans cable factory in arctic Norway (Rognan). Here the 7.9 kilometer cable core can be seen, the armoring and cable jacket were completed in mid July. 1 kilometer of the completed cable will be shipped to IDIL in Lannion (France) in August and used to perform initial tests.

FOCUS Kickoff Meeting

Meeting pour le projet FOCUS, porté par Marc- André Gutscher.

Preliminary Program

9:00     coffee – welcome

9:30     Mimmo Palano (INGV, Catania)
             The present-day kinematic pattern of Sicily and Calabria from 23 years of GNSS measurements

10:00   Luciano Scarfi (INGV, Catania)
             Seismic pattern and tomographic images of eastern Sicily and southern Calabria

10:30   Morelia Urlaub (Geomar Kiel)
             Gravitational collapse of Mount Etna’s southeastern flank

11:00   Philippe Jousset (GFZ Potsdam)
            Observing earthquakes with DAS (Distributed acoustic sensing) in Iceland and on Mt. Etna (??)

11:30   Anthony Sladen (GeoAzur Nice)
            SEAFOOD: a Seafloor Fiber-Optic Observatory for Distributed measurements

12:00   Lionel Quetel (IDIL Lannion)
            Demonstration of BOTDR for strain measurements with fiber optic cables

12:30 – 14:00    Lunch  (CROUS Restaurant Universitaire special room and menu)

14:00   Heidrun Kopp (Geomar, Kiel)
            Seafloor monitoring using acoustic ranging networks

14:30   M-A Gutscher (ERC FOCUS – PI)
            FOCUS project, current status and planning for different work topics

15:00  Skype exchange about seafloor operations
(Giorgio Riccobene LNS Catania and Viorel Ciausu Ifremer, Toulon)

15:30  General Discussion

17 :00  End of program

19:00  – 22:00    Dinner at Hostellerie Saint Mathieu (transport in private cars)

20 novembre 2018