LEMAR laboratory



ICEfish - Impact of climates changes and an endocrine disruptor on the life cycle of a marine sentinel fish. My thesis project consists in assessing the effects of climates changes (ocean warming and acidification) predicted by the IPCC's worst-case pathway by 2100 and those associated with xenoestrogenic-type contamination on the complete life cycle of a temperate zone fish, the three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus). Two key questions will be explored : (1) Do ocean acidification and warming conditions impact physiological functions, such as growth, development and reproduction of the stickleback and at what stage(s) of its life cycle ? (2) Is this physiological response affected by additional stress (endocrine disruptor - ethynylestradiol) during larval development ? The effects of multistress will be evaluated through the phenotypic characterization of the physiological functions of sticklebacks with biochemical, molecular and cellular biology approaches. This study could be used as a support to target the most vulnerable development stages and thus transpose the results on species of fisheries interest, with a longer life cycle.