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Studying at IUEM

IUEM offers students an outstanding study environment. The IUEM building looks out over the sea toward Le Dellec beach, and Brest bay forms a stunning backdrop in both sunny and stormy weather.

There are frequent public transport services from Brest city centre by bus, or by Tram. The journey takes around 15 minutes. The Institute, located at the heart of the Brest-Iroise Technopole (Technology Centre), shares a modern campus with other Grandes écoles (schools of higher education), research organizations, and major companies:

      • Telecom Bretagne,
      • ENIB (Brest National Engineering School /
      • ESIAB (Brest Graduate School of Microbiology and Food Security /
      • ISAMORE (Institute of Agri-food and Rural Sciences / I
      • Ifremer (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea /
      • Water analysis centre
      • CETMEF (Marine and Fluvial Research Centre /
      • IRD (Institute of Research for Development /

The Technology Centre offers students a dynamic mix of knowledge, skills and practical learning opportunities. There are also some very active student societies.

Student life at IUEM also involves participating in associations

PATEL (Protection and  management of coastal zones and marine environment)

Since its foundation in 2001, PATEL, the association of master students in expertise and management of coastal environment (EGEL), is an integral part of student life at IUEM. Its objectives are to promote the master's program competencies, to respond to contracts and calls for tender, and to finance experts to accompany students on instructive excursions to the coastlines in France and elsewhere.



This association unites master students in Marine Biology (SBM). Set up by students in 2007, its principal missions are to promote cohesion between students of Master 1 and Master 2 and to act as a link with alumni (Where are they? What do they do?) in order to create a well-functioning network of former IUEM students.
It is a young association, with plenty of ambition and full of plans.



Association of Young Researchers in the doctoral programme Marine Sciences (ESDM).

  • Since October 1998, MerSciDoc aims:
    • to bring the students closer together by facilitating both exchanges between the laboratories and a multidiciplinary approach;
    • to organize the Annual Doctoral Students' Forum;
    • to create a directory and keep it up to date, and to monitor the third-cycle students, doctoral students and PhD's in Marine Sciences;
    • to inform students about scientific research and to assist doctoral students who are working on their thesis;
    • to organize seminars and debates.
  • Merscidoc also organizes sporting outings (kayak, paragliding, ...), trips to discover Brittany (Ouesant, Forest of Brocéliande, …), and activities to help new students to integrate.
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