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Educational innovation

This is the common course unit for all Master 1 students on the issues and stakes of SML.
It aims to reinforce interdisiplinarity, relations between students studying different specialties, common scientific culture and openness to scientific questions and societal challenges in the field of SML. It aims to address key scientific questions of different disiplines involved in marine and coastal science directly in relation with the marine domain.

Three IT modules
Each student will work on three out of the seven main fields (apart from his/her own field) in the UBO computer workspace.

Three 2-hour conferences
These sessions are proposed on each of the seven main fields (apart from the student's own specialty field and the three subjects already chosen for the computer modules).

Latest features


  • Initiation in distance learning in the form of online courses
  • Extra priority given to career preparation with extra tuition in English
  • Master européen international sur l’instrumentation marine (a European master’s course on marine instrumentation)
  • Strengthening of cross-cutting subjects with the inclusion of biotechnologies in the biology specialty.


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