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This part of the site is for present and future students of IUEM. Here you can find links to the pages on the website of interest to these groups.

Master’s course on “Marine and coastal sciences”

Complete details on this Master’s degree and its seven specialities: applications, specialities, placements...


Marine Sciences Doctoral School

Complete information on the doctoral school, thesis, viva voce, etc., is available on the EDSM website


A programme in partnership with universities around the world

International openings for students are proposed via the Mentor network, ERASMUS exchanges, International Antarctic Institute, dual diplomas with foreign universities, etc.

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Student life at IUEM

... Read more


Placements at IUEM

Placements for all levels of study are regularly available at IUEM, in research fields or research support services (communication, computing, etc.)

See the list of available study placements

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