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Science-society platform


The aim of PERISCOPE is to create and sustain a research platform dedicated to both collaborative and interdisciplinary research in order to boost scientific and social innovation for science and society in Brittany.

PERISCOPE consists of a network of people who participate actively in the science–society dialogue, involving researchers from the fields of natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, as well as representatives of the civil society who work in “education” (public, agricultural, private, art, vocational training, secondary, ...), associations (for popular education, environmental protection, environmental education, ...), local governments (officials and technicians), art, centres of scientific culture, the media, professional organisations or development associations (Technology Centre and competitiveness hub...).

PERISCOPE provides a common arena in which to create, discuss, research and experiment. It is a useful tool to train and to unite the different actors, share resources and mutually learn from experience.

The goal is to experiment with and analyse two possible types of science–society relation. On the one hand, there is the dissemination and appropriation of scientific, professional or practical knowledge. On the other hand, there are social actors who participate either in the scientific production of data or in the development of research subjects. This allows the place of science in society and that of society in science to be at the core of every project. The viewpoint taken is neither normative nor ideological, but provides an opportunity for dialogue, experiment and analysis.

Activities will include the publishing of scientific articles, or the development of tools and methodologies, but above all, of projects. The platform is first focusing on environmental issues.

PERISCOPE is supported by the IUEM under the LabexMER program, and also by the Brittany Region under the ASOSc*program For more information, please visit the PERISCOPE website where you can subscribe to its mailing lists.

* Society for the social appropriation of the sciences [Association pour l’appropriation sociale des sciences] 

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