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Science and society at IUEM

The ocean and its coasts are at the centre of IUEM research, but are also major issues for society:  For instance, on a local level, there is the issue of coastal area management and, on the global scale, there is the question of the ocean’s influence on climate regulation. Because the IUEM plays a major role in the marine sciences, its work includes efforts to improve and develop the dialogue between science and society about these issues.

  • The IUEM, UBO and several other partners are jointly examining these questions through the PERISCOPE platform.
  • Setting up and conducting research projects and sharing their results, means involving other parties, such as elected officials, associations, teachers, etc. This has become an established approach taken by several teams at the IUEM.
  • In order to become more accessible, the scientific world needs communication tools that can be understood by laypersons: understanding science-society issues means first understanding science. With this goal in mind, the Communication and Scientific Media Liaison Department of IUEM, in collaboration with a few other laboratories, has developed the “Science for all” web pages.
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