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A scientific publication is a result of research, a way of gathering and presenting the information, but scientific results can also be knowledge that is difficult to share… This page proposes some tools to help better understand the scientific output of IUEM.

Publications issued by laboratories

References of IUEM scientific publications, and often even the documents themselves, are available on the open archive website of the CNRS (HAL: Hyper Articles onLine). Every IUEM lab also has its own website where it publishes an updated list of its members’ papers: LPO, LEMARLDOLMEE, GEOMERAMURE, LBCM.


Open Access

The goal of Open Access publishing is to improve the profile and referencing of scientific publications. This way, the general public and media, as well as researchers from developing countries, who cannot afford to subscribe to every scientific journal, are all able to have easy access to these documents.


“L’Actu des publis”

Scholarly publications are usually intended to be read by specialists who understand their language, vocabulary and subject in depth, in addition to having online access to the journals. Thanks to this Web portal, a (small) number of these documents are presented every month to the general public by providing a simplified version[HM1] of an article published recently in a scientific journal.


This is a journal about scientific culture that aims to provide some basics for understanding the what, why and how of today’s research on ocean physics.


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