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Interdisciplinary research

Research at IUEM is not only conducted within each of the individual laboratories, but also as part of cross-cutting research themes involving teams from several different laboratories and disciplines working together, making advances possible that could not be achieved separately. Five cross-cutting themes have been defined for the 2012-2015 period.

Microorganisms and marine interfaces

Research on these questions involves the laboratories LEMAR, Oceanic Domains, LMEE and LBCM (University of South Brittany).

  • Water column microorganisms, from the atmosphere to pelagic environments, and their influence on global biogeochemical cycles, including carbon energy and nutrient cycles;
  • Microorganisms in biotic interfaces and the importance of biofilms in the biology, ecology, fitness and evolution of the host;
  • Life in the deep sea biofilms of the ocean crust and marine sediments of mantle and hydrothermal systems: activity, scale, limits and evolution.


Ocean, marine ecosystems and climate evolution

This theme aims to enable closer work between teams researching ocean physics, biogeochemistry and biology, in the overall context of climatic change. It mainly concerns the LPO, LEMAR and LDO.

  • The response of biogeochemical cycles to climatic variability at the scale of the Atlantic basin;
  • Observation of mechanisms of variability on the continental margins, from physics to plankton;
  • Physical processes and distribution of trace elements in the North Atlantic;
  • Interactions between physics and biogeochemistry.

 Vulnerability of marine environments and societies to global and local change

This theme concerns the vulnerability of shared marine and coastal systems, based on existing or prospective scientific projects, and aims to structure the community around this topic. The theme brings together the LEMAR, Géomer, AMURE, LDO and LPO.

  • Ocean climate, ecosystems, resources and governance;
  • Systemic approach to vulnerability over the land-sea continuum;

Marine renewable energy

The objective of this theme is to create interdisciplinary synergy that will enable the development of an integrated approach to the environmental, judicial and socioeconomic impacts of the establishment of Marine Renewable Energy infrastructure at western extremity of Brittany [pointe de la Bretagne].  Oceanic Domains, LEMAR, AMURE and Géomer are involved in this research theme.

  • Geophysical and morphosedimentary impacts;
  • Ecological impacts;
  • Judicial impacts;
  • Socio-economic impacts.

 Science and society

Coastal risks

This website aims to present research projects in progress or completed, within the laboratories of IUEM and their partners on the subject of coastal risks. It also provides tools for managing coastal risks, especially to managers.

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