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Research at the IUEM laboratories has led to many innovations. This new scientific knowledge:

  • Is made available to the general public through scientific mediation,
  • Is used in economic applications: innovative businesses have been created thanks to the transfer of technology.

In this regard, the IUEM policy complies with the national strategy of encouraging the sharing of results among academic researchers.

Actions taken at the IUEM include:

  • The creation of an Innovation Network
  • The implementation of seminars to raise awareness about partnerships and the potential applications and added value of knowledge

The Innovation Network

The IUEM has implemented an Innovation Network whose members are all academic researchers involved in innovation, applications and value adding. The Network takes part in:

  • Communicating about innovations
  • Awareness-raising seminars about partnerships
  • Business meetings

Awareness-raising seminars about partnerships, applications and added value

The development and intensification of IUEM partnerships, both in research and training through research, have resulted in the organization of “awareness-raising seminars about partnerships and value adding”. These aim to raise researchers’ awareness about partnerships and related issues, but also about intellectual property and tools for value adding and developing applications for research output.

Technological innovation

Geophysical measuring device for exploring the natural resources of the seabed.

Researchers involved: P. TARITS, J-F. D’EU, UMR CNRS 6538 – Marine/ Oceanic/ Ocean fields.

Business creation

IUEM encourages the creation of companies to exploit the technological innovations resulting from research carried out at its laboratories, the know-how and skills of its researchers and technicians, as well as its methods, and helps these companies to develop their products. The founders of such innovative spin-off companies, whether they have already been created or are at the planning stage, all completed their PHDs at IUEM.

IUEM supports and develops strong links with these start-ups, which not only exploit innovations developed by the IUEM laboratories, but are also often located either in the same buildings or at the nearby Technopôle. This cooperation also includes subcontracting research projects coordinated by the CIFRE (Industrial Agreements for Training through Research) to these start-ups and responding jointly to calls for proposals (French National Research Agency: ANR, European Programs, etc.). Depending on how developed they are, these start-ups may also, in turn, subcontract to the IUEM research projects that they are conducting.

This relationship allows the identification of new research themes that reflect problems companies face, as well as the partial or complete funding of new projects.

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