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Councils and committees


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Anne Marie Tréguier

Directeurs adjoints


Secrétaire de Direction

Céline DIVERRES (UMS3113)

Governing bodies of IUEM

Governing Board

The Governing Board is composed of 34 members, of whom 20 are elected administrative, faculty, staff, and student representatives. The remaining 14 members are appointed by the external organizations they represent. Members serve a four-year term, with the exception of the student representatives, whose term is two years.

Composition of IUEM's Governing Board:
President: Christophe Claramunt
Internal Board members: 20
External Board members: 14
See its composition (in French)

Essential responsibilities of the Governing Board:

Its principal role is to establish operational policies for the functioning and development of IUEM (research, education, observations, documentation, logistics).
Also, approval of IUEM's budget, proposed by the Executive Board. In addition the Board develops proposals for the creation of diplomas and submits the equipment requests to the University, as well as requests for the creation of new jobs.

The Governing Board elects a president from the external members for a three-year term, which can be renewed once. The Board meets at least three times a year. Additional meetings may be called if deemed necessary by the director of IUEM or a third of the Governing Board members.
Decisions are adopted by majority vote.

Scientific Board

The Scientific Board is composed of 26 members: 12 representatives of the research departments and units of IUEM, 13 external members and the vice-president of the Scientific Board of the University of Brest.

Composition of IUEM's Scientific Board:
President : Eric Calais
Internal members: 12 + vice-president of the Scientific Board of the University of Brest
External members: 13
See its composition (in French)

Essential responsibilities of the Scientific Board:

The Scientific Board assists IUEM's Executive Board in matters regarding research and observation. It gives advice and recommendations pertaining to the research policy of the institute, and it makes proposals to increase collaboration and synergy in a multidisciplinary setting.

On the recommendation of the director of IUEM, the Governing Board elects the president of the Scientific Board from its external members. The internal members appoint the vice-president.
The Scientific Board meets in a plenary session every two years. Between meetings, the internal members meet several times a year, either at the request of the IUEM director, or on their own initiative.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of the director and deputy directors of the Executive Board of IUEM, all the research unit directors, the managers of the observatory, the directors of the doctoral and the masters' programmes, and the president of the internal Scientific Board.
see its composition (in French)

Its role is to assist IUEM's Executive Board in its strategic planning. The Board of Directors meets regularly, on the basis of an agenda drawn up by the Executive Board in consultation with the Board members.

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