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A successful application selected among the projects submitted for “Investments for the future” program [Investissements d’Avenir], the marine research Laboratory of Excellence “A Changing Ocean” (LabexMER) was officially opened on November 3rd 2011.

Its objective is to bring together the top researchers in marine science and technology to strengthen knowledge and understanding of ocean functioning in the context of climate change.

LabexMER is scientifically managed by IUEM and brings together 700 researchers (including more than 500 permanent staff) of 11 research units of the Universities of: Western Brittany (UBO), South Brittany (UBS) and Nantes, in addition to Ecole centrale de Nantes and the institutions IfremerCNRS and IRD.

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A ten-year international-scale action plan

  • 7 research axes: Multidisiplinary research on a diversity of themes concerning the ocean
  • Hosting of established and young researchers: a chair of excellence and high level post-doctoral program.
  • Research on the sea: supporting innovative marine projects on the scientific themes of LabexMER.
  • A training centre for excellence in marine science and technology: development of new international-level training, international outreach and    support for student exchanges.

The future of the oceans and coasts

The ocean is a regulator of the earth’s climate but also as a potential vector of change through instability of the global cycles (energetics, biogeochemistry, CO2 absorption).

The deep ocean is as yet little explored, but its geological activity can sometimes cause disasters for human society.

The ocean is an environment that is already overexploited but also one that offers new resources for tomorrow.

The coastal ocean is a complex interface and a source of new scientific questions; a fragile environment subject to growing anthropogenic pressure and user conflicts.

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