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The Institute

Welcome to the European Institute for Marine Studies!

The IUEM is a research institute devoted to the ocean and the coastal environment, where scientists from all disciplinary backgrounds unravel the mysteries of the marine realm, from the deep sea floor to the waves at the surface, from microorganisms to complex ecosystems and global biogeochemical cycles, and spanning the short time scale of storms to the long time scale of continental drift. Our objective: To help societies to cope with crucial challenges in the ocean and coastal environment including; erosion and the consequences of tectonic movement, climate change, scarcity of resources, development of marine renewable energies, and the alarming decline of biodiversity.
The IUEM is a University Institute where master and PhD students learn about marine sciences from a unique multidisciplinary perspective, and benefit from innovative training opportunities at the junction between science and society.
The IUEM is a European Institute and active leader in the European strategies for a Blue Growth and for "Healthy and productive oceans"; an institute open to the world through the development of international laboratories.
The IUEM is a marine observatory at the western tip of Brittany, in the metropolitan area of Brest. A splendid setting where land meets the ocean and where the mysteries of the ocean and coastal environments will be discovered during the 21st century!

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