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General public

IUEM is open to the world and to society through its research. It is eager to connect with the non-scientific public: schoolchildren, teachers, general public etc. This page provides links to the parts of the site likely to be of interest to these groups.


Events open to the public

Opportunities to meet scientists who explain their work, present the tools they use and talk about their results. Upcoming events:

IUEM open day (14 March 2015)


24 - 27 August 2015


Summer school “Mer et enseignement” for secondary school and sixth-form teachers.


Latest publications

Each month, an article from a scientific journal is written up (in French) for the general public and put online in ‘The latest articles’
Latest publication: Les virus de l’extrême plus faciles à détecter en Laboratoire.


Press releases and dossiers

The main page for information and press releases for the media provides a source for newspaper articles and broadcasts.


The latest news from the Institute. Find out more

School projects

A variety of projects are organised involving schoolchildren.  These may be led by teachers or scientists working in partnership though the Ecoflux network, the Doctoral forum, the Fête de la science, year-long projects with a class, or participation in schemes at the national (Cordées de la réussite, CNRS Jeunes "Sciences et citoyens") or regional (Sciences Passion mer) level.


From 26 to 31 August 2013, LabexMER will be organising the summer school “Mer et enseignement” for secondary school and sixth-form teachers.


Science and Society

large cross-cutting project between IUEM laboratories, designed to improve the integration of science into society


Marine Science History

To gain a better understanding of today’s research, read about five centuries of discoveries and scientific writing on the ocean



Poster exhibitions conceived and created at the IUEM are available for loan and circulation.  Reduced versions of the posters are available for download.


Laboratory web pages for the general public

Oceanic Domains Laboratory
Laboratory of Ocean Physics
Marine Environmental Sciences Laboratory


Data on the marine environment

Access to datasets collected at IUEM, can be found at the IUEM Marine Observatory Portal.

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