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The IUEM has many partnerships with businesses in the fields of research and education. These links and collaborations allow new research themes to be identified with respect to issues highlighted by businesses and partial or comprehensive funding for the relevant research work.

Placements for Master’s students

As part of training, entreprises can take on Master’s students for their end-of-course placements.

Collaboration in research and doctoral training

Enterprises can participate in training through research at the Doctoral level and thus benefit from subsidies:

  • The CIFRE (Conventions industrielles de formation par la recherche) is a programme of industrial agreements for training by research that subsidises any French company that recruits a PhD student working within a research project in collaboration with a government laboratory.
  • The European Industrial Doctorate (EID). This PhD aims to provide training that is both international and inter-sectorial. It allows a company and a university (and possibly another research establishment) from different countries, to work on a common project together around the work of the doctoral student. In this way, the student is trained in his/her university and in private enterprise, organising his/her work time between the two partner countries

Research collaboration: common projects in response to calls for projects

The partnerships established for common research projects between private enterprise and the laboratory can benefit from subsidies when these are offered in the context of calls for projects:

Recruitment of qualified students by companies

Skill transfer

The recruitment of a graduate following his/her study project (Master) or PhD, allows the skills and expertise they have learnt to be transferred to the company.

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