Observing and modelling ocean waves : 2017 summer waves school

If you want to learn how to use wave data from remote sensing, buoys or models or you want to run simulations of ocean waves at any scale from the globe to a local beach, then join us. After a first day dedicated to the use of various wave data sources, we will focus on the use of the model WAVEWATCH III® including the latest features introduced in version 5.16, released on 31 October 2016. You will learn first-hand how to prepare a model configuration, run it, interpret it and validate it with satellite and buoy data. This course will lead to a First certificate in wave modelling delivered by the University of Brest.

The program will be changed to better fit to what the participants expect to do.
All the material is available at IUEM.

  • 1st day Wave action equation - physics and measurements
  • 2nd day Wave modelling parametrizations and running
  • 3rd day Multi grid implementation and numerical coupling
  • 4th day Unstructured mesh implementation
  • 5th day Personal projet or real case modelling
Language of instruction: English
Application open from-to:05/22/2017
Study Cost

300 euros : students and public institute
800 euros : private society

People involved:
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