Marine Sciences / Physique Marine (EN)

Physical oceanography, geophysics and naval hydrodynamics are based upon a common foundation of physics, mechanics, and applied mathematics. The Marine Physics masters offers a two years intensive program with fundamental lectures, advanced courses, internships and research projects. The program is held at the University of Brest in collaboration with engineering schools, Ifremer and research laboratories at IUEM. The training provides career opportunities in research and academia in oceanography, climate science, geophysics and in applications such as operational oceanography, naval hydrodynamics,observation and monitoring of the coastal and deep sea environment, exploitation of marine mineral resources.


2 year masters program with 3 specializations:

  • Physics of the Ocean and the Climate
  • Marine Geophysics
  • Naval Hydrodynamics
Language of instruction: English
Study Cost

Registration fees :

Approximately 460 euros (update in July every year) with social security
Approximately 390 euros (update in July every year) without social security

People involved:
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