Marine Biological Sciences/ Biologie (FR)

The purpose of the specialization "Marine Biological Sciences" (MBS) of the domain "Marine and Coastal Sciences" (SML) is to provide general training in marine ecology/biology during the first year (M1) of the Master, and to propose 4 specialties in the second year (M2) corresponding to an orientation toward the biology of marine organisms , marine ecosystems , marine biotechnology and fisheries. Three of the four specialties are mainly oriented towards research (going on to do a PhD afterwards). "VALBIOREM" is the only specialty which is vocationally oriented.

Language of instruction: French
Application open from-to:06/16/2017
Study Cost


Registration fees :
Approximately 460 euros (update in July every year) with social security
Approximately 390 euros (update in July every year) without social security

People involved:
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