Geosciences / Géosciences (FR)

YEAR 1: The semester begins with a module common to all specializations of the Marine and Coastal Sciences Master’s degree. The other modules focus on measuring, processing, formatting and interpreting geological, geophysical, geochemical and remote sensing data, and include a strong field study component, both on land and at sea. During the second semester, the students choose five out of the available ten optional modules, including two more applied modules. This allows for greater flexibility and further specialization at the end of Year 1.

The students then carry out an eight-week internship, in order to gain an insight into the world of research or work experience within a company. During the last academic year, an equal number of internships were carried out in both the academic and professional fields.

YEAR 2: The classes held during Semester 9 aim to provide the students with an overview of the different issues and challenges of research in the field of Marine Geosciences. This semester comprises a common core including field studies in Brittany, two compulsory modules, and a series of research seminars generating group discussion on a specific issue of Marine Geosciences. It also includes a choice between two optional 60-hour modules:

  • The interior of the Earth: geochemical and geophysical methods of investigation of the deeper layers of the Earth.
  • The exterior of the Earth: sedimentary processes, environment and recordings, training in marine and terrestrial data acquisition and processing methods (bathymetry and bottom reflectivity, side-scan sonars, vertical reflection-seismic data, etc.), as well as modern methods of sedimentary (samples), outcrop and continental margin analysis.


Language of instruction: French
Application open from-to:06/16/2017
Study Cost

Registration fees:
Approximately 460 euros (update in July every year) with social security
Approximately 390 euros (update in July every year) without social security

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