About training at IUEM


Master in Marine and Coastal Sciences

The Master in Marine and Coastal Sciences (270 students) offers seven specialities, vary from human sciences (law, economics and geography) to natural sciences (biology, chemistry, geosciences and physics).

Alongside disciplinary excellence, the great strength of this training relies on the fact it offers an interdisciplinary approach through, on the one hand, the links made between the Master specialities and on the other hand, the education provided to all students, regarding issues and challenges in marine sciences. This range of disciplines around a single theme - the sea - pursues to offer an excellent training experience.



Doctoral School in Marine Siences

The Doctoral School in Marine Sciences (EDSM) (almost 250 PhD students)
brings together the University of Brest and the University of South Brittany.

On the same basis as the Masters courses, the Doctoral School offers the opportunity to develop PhD themes which are simultaneously located at the core and at the frontier of disciplines, as well as the opportunity for PhD studies based on marine observations.



Innovative training

There are several educational innovation projects within the IUEM.

Innovative learning: A teaching unit common to all Master 1 students on issues and problems in marine sciences.
This unit aims to reinforce interdisciplinarity, the link between the students of the various mentions, elements of common culture and openness to the scientific questions and the societal stakes of the SML domain.

Digital Innovation: MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) Flotrisco was created in 2015 at the UBO.
This MOOC is devoted to coastal erosion and submersion.
The sessions have between 1000 and 2000 people meeting throughout the French-speaking world.

Summer School:  "Mer Éducation" is open to all secondary school teachers,
regardless of their field of study (experimental and technological sciences, humanities and social sciences, arts and languages, etc.).
In an interdisciplinary approach, the Mer-Éducation University proposes to explore the science-society problems linked to the sea on the coast.
Conferences, experiments, field trips, etc. With the researchers, will be proposed throughout the course,
enabling teachers to create innovative and / or interdisciplinary pedagogical projects within their institutions.
For the year 2017, the theme of the summer university is " Man between land and sea"