Collections de Corpus Oraux Numériques (CoCoON)

CoCoON for "Digital Oral Corpus Collections" is a technical platform that helps producers of oral resources to create, structure and archive their corpus. The deposited resources are initially cataloged and stored, then, in a second time archived in the archive of the TGIR Huma-Num. The author and his institution remain responsible for the documents submitted and can benefit from restricted and secure access to their data, for a defined period, if the content of the information is considered sensitive. ApoliMer manages several collections, including some of the oral archives from research projects conducted by the team.


Observatoire Photographique des Pôles (OPP)

The Photographic Observatory of the Poles (OPP) is an NGO created in 2009 on the initiative of Nicolas Mingasson. Inspired by the fabulous photographic missions launched and funded by Albert Kahn at the beginning of the 20th century, his ambition is to gather around photography the different actors able to describe the changes underway in the sentinel regions of the Arctic and Antarctic. Its goal: to create a reference fund to raise awareness among the general public. The diversity of views is the very foundation of the Observatory, which invites photographers, scientists and indigenous peoples to participate in its projects. ApoliMer exposes one collection of photos archives from a research project conducted by the team in Tiksi (Siberia, Russia), during the year 2014.