ApoliMer is located at the European University Institute in Brest (IUEM), in the heart of a specialized research, training and observation center in marine sciences. It aims to strengthen the scientific and institutional structure of political anthropology and ecology of the sea.

ApoliMer is a CNRS INEE RTPi established at the European University Institute of the Sea (IUEM) of Brest since June 2014.

Initially a cooperative research structure within the University of Western Brittany (UBO),

ApoliMer became a Réseau thématique pluridisciplinaire international (RTPi) at the INEE. 

Its objective is to reinforce the critical reflection at the interface between several types of

knowledge on the "governance" of the Sea, from coastal zone to international waters.

To do this, members of ApoliMer question the relations between science,

politics and economics that are played out in the various forms of government

of marine and coastal areas and territories.

This RTPi reinforces the social and political dimension of the study of socio-ecosystems, 

in particular through the study of the conditions of possibility and impossibility of

transformation towards sustainability.It thus contributes to research and action

in the field of sustainability science.