Damien Schrijen

Doctorant ApoliMer
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Schrijen D.


Damien Schrijen is a PhD student in political science under the direction of Sylvie Ollitrault and Camille Mazé, part of the Arènes laboratory (CNRS UMR 6051) and the LEMAR (CNRS UMR 6539), welcomed in the Apolimer research group (RTPI CNRS INEE, dedicated to anthropology and political ecology of the sea). His thesis is about environmental conflicts in Brittany. It starts by noticing that some projects presented as economic development vectors for the region face resistances. Crystallising important social, environmental and political contemporary issues, we have to question the birth of these projects, as well as the implementation problems they encounter.

Actual debates about the renewal of mining prospecting and sand extraction in Brittany are exemplary. Those different cases, whose issues can largely cross the regional borders, are the starting point of scientific controversies and protests, some of which, question our economic model.

This research is the continuity of a first master work in anthropology realised at the Université de Bretagne Occidentale under the supervision of Camille Mazé, speaking about the resistances against a gas power plant project near the small town of Landivisiau. The next year was an opportunity to write a second master thesis, this time, about the decision-making process regarding the same power plant, under the supervision of Sylvie Ollitrault and Erik Neveu at the Insitut d’Etude Politique, in Rennes. This is no longer about making a difference between social movements and policy studies, but make them interact, to reach a better understanding of the government’s ways of governing on the territories.