Chauvaud L.


The BeBEST Lab will be coordinated by Dr. Laurent Chauvaud from LEMAR (UMR 6539, IUEM, France). He has a 20 years’ experience in coastal ecosystems functioning, specialized in the role of suspension feeders in the control of primary production. He has focused on the integration of anthropic factors (invasive species, pollution…) and natural forcings (NAO…) affecting ecosystems. He developed the use of bivalves as biological archives of the environment and more recently the use of accelerometry and passive acoustics for ecosystem monitoring. His research is recognized internationally (~90 publications in rank A journals) and he has participated in several projects in polar regions, including MACARBI 2005-2008 in Antarctica. He is currently PI of "BB Polar" an international pan-Arctic project (2013- 2015) using marine invertebrates to monitor environmental parameters of Arctic ecosystems at different time scales (daily to decadal).