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The XII International Symposium on Oceanography of the Bay of Biscay will be held in Brest from May 3 to May 6 2010. The main goal of this bi-annual symposium is to present scientific works realised in the Bay of Biscay among a wide range of topics, from geology and physical oceanography to ecosystem functioning and fisheries. Ultimately, the objective is to favour discussions between scientists from different disciplines and to promote new multidisciplinary research in the coastal and shelf areas of the Bay of Biscay.

The 12th edition will be held at the European Institute of Marine Studies (IUEM) located at the entrance of the Bay of Brest. It will be placed under the general topic of “Global changes in the Bay of Biscay” (including changes in temperature, salinity, circulation, sedimentation, species boundary and extinctions, invasive species, harmful algal blooms, reproductive cycles, food availability, food webs …). Main topics will include:
     Circulation and transport
     Geology, sedimentation and erosion
     Biogeochemical cycles
     Functional biodiversity of marine communities (Pelagic and benthic)
     Biological indicators of environmental changes - Invasive species
     Chemistry and pollutants - ecotoxicology
     Fisheries and aquaculture: long-term changes, ecosystem-based management
     Operational Ocean forecasting
     Integrative assessment of marine waters

You will get the opportunity to publish your contribution, after the symposium, in a special issue of Journal of Marine Systems, following the general conditions of review in this journal.

The abstract submission and registration procedures are now available.

 Abstract submission: 8 January 2010
 Decision on acceptance of the abstract: 9 February 2010
 Early registration: before 8 March 2010

    Dr. Gérard Thouzeau (CNRS) & Pascal Lazure (IFREMER)
    Conference co-Chairmen




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